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Monday, December 1st, 2014

Aloha Heartspire Lomilomi ‘Ohana

Heartspire LomiLomi Intensive Study

Hawaiian Strokes and Principals


Dates to be determined for 2017

NCBTMB #450029-06

5 Intensive retreats teach the bodywork skills and principals to become a
Lomilomi Practitioner.  A sense of ‘Ohana (family) is created through Potluck meals, networking, reading, writing and homeplay assignments  to further enhance our learning.

Full 5 class commitment is preferred.  80 CE’s total

 Back – Ha Breathe, 2016 Visions 5


Hips & Legs – Aloha, Sacred Well


Chest & Belly – Pono, Child within


Arms & Shoulders – Mana, Ike


Neck & Face – Countenance

Kim Hartley, LMP, Lomilomi Instructor since 1994

Assisted by Jim Hartley, LMP

Call (360)956-1169 or email Jim at website more details at

This is an incredible opportunity to embody lomilomi, and to understand, practice, and feel confident with this beautiful healing style of work.

ik-ponoFull class commitment is preferred. We go home with reading, writing and homeplay assignments to further enhance our growth as lomilomi practitioners.  Free overnight stay available in Olympia before or after class.  The first and last class includes an evening dinner to Get to know each other better and celebrate graduation at the end.

During the course we will create together a deepening in our lomilomi bodywork skills by exploring the HaHawaiianling Arts in 7 different parts of the body. We will have a session on the back, the shoulders, the sacrum and hips, the legs and feet, the belly and chest, the arms, the neck and face.

We will also explore through reading, journaling, discussion, and art, principles and values from the Hawaiian traditions and how they can help us to grow and deepen our own spiritual and practical life. Ka ‘Imi Pono means the search for right relationship in our lives with ourselves, our family and friends, our clients, and the earth we live on.

We will begin by sharing about who we are and a vision statement that speaks about who we are becoming and working with Ha (breathe of life).  We will learn about responsibility our Kuleana and how to build our Sacred Marriage within, we’ll cultivate our Aloha (compassionate presence with ourselves and others) while we connect and open our sacred well.  We will explore our internal ‘aina (land) and how we connect with the earth.  We will explore incorporating ho’oponopono (to make right more right) into our lives and our practice.  We will sense into our ‘Ike our inner knowing and how to use it to help us have balance with work and play.  And finally we will look to our future countenance carrying our visions forward in balance with the mother/father/child within connected with spirit.

We will have books and articles to read and ponder between each class, journaling and art to express what we are learning, and a lots of opportunity to share in discussion with each other.

You are all welcome to sleep-over in our new bunkroom and guest rooms the night before class begins, or after class ends if that will facilitate the journey for you.

Our Ka “Imi Pono Vision

~~ Give and receive mutual support, opening ways for Spirit in us to manifest abundantly ~~

~~ Develop perceptive palpation and excellent lomilomi bodywork techniques to support

the joy of being in our bodies and the release of pain & limitations  ~~~

~~~ Live in harmony with ourself, others and nature ~~~

~~~ Be in full relationship with Spirit ~~~


Kim Hartley LMP,

Jim Hartley LMP

Continuing Education:  49 NCBTMB credits.

Heartspire School of Hawaiian Massage is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (#450029-06).

Heartspire School of Hawaiian Massage

9212 Waddell Creek Road SW

Olympia, WA 98512

(360) 956-1169/

Olympia Lomilomi Massage Classes

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Heartspire  Classes for 2019: Olympia

ZZZZZZM.) Heartspire Indian Summer Camp Retreat —


(Olympia September 20-22, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL.) Heartspire 7 Hawaiian Strokes & Hawaiian Stretching:

Both Classes 

(Olympia October 19-20, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL1.) 7 Hawaiian Strokes to Energize Your Full-Body Routine

(Olympia October 19, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL2.) Hawaiian Stretching

(Olympia October 20, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Prone & Supine 

(Olympia November 16-17, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX1.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Prone (Olympia November 16, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX2.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Supine

(Olympia November 17, 2019)

Ka Imi Pono


Dates to be determined

NCBTMB #450029-06




5 Intensive retreats teach the bodywork skills and principals to become a
Lomilomi Practitioner.  A sense of ‘Ohana (family) is created through Potluck meals, networking, reading, writing and homeplay assignments  to further enhance our learning.

Full 5 class commitment is preferred.  80 CE’s total

Back – Ha Breathe, 2016 Visions 5

Hips & Legs – Aloha, Sacred Well

Chest & Belly – Pono, Child within

Arms & Shoulders – Mana, Ike

Neck & Face – Countenance

Olympia Ka Imi Pono Classes: Registration 

Heartspire School of Hawaiian Massage

9212 Waddell Creek Rd. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Register with Jim: 360.956.1169

Post Falls Classes

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

2019 Post Falls Classes

American Institute of Clinical Massage 

Contact Robbin Blake to register:

Therapeutic Training Center

Register with Robbin Blake (206) 853-6875

Seattle Lomilomi Massage Classes

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

2019 Seattle Massage Classes

Click on the date and title below for a class description

ZZZZZZX.) Heartspire LomiLomi Prone & Supine: Both Classes

(Seattle October 5-6, 2019)

ZZZZZZX1.) Heartspire LomiLomi Prone

(Seattle October 5, 2019)

 ZZZZZZX2.) Heartspire LomiLomi Supine

(Seattle October 6, 2019)

ZZZZZZZT.) Heartspire Lomi Loku — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style for the Back

(Seattle November 2, 2019)

All classes Register with Robbin Blake at the Therapeutic Training Center for Seattle and Olympia Classes, unless otherwise noted. 

Seattle Classes Registration

Therapeutic Training Center

Register with Robbin Blake

(206) 853-6875: 

Kim Hartley, LMP

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

My Personal Journey with LomiLomi 


Kim_photoI was first touched by the fragrant embrace of the ‘aina (the land of Aloha) on the island Oahu in Hawaii in 1977, while on vacation with a friend.  Little did I know then how the gifts of the Hawaiian tradition and lomilomi would become a part of my life.In 1985 I received my first professional massage after being injured in a car accident.  I was so impressed with the healing I experienced.  Four years later I was ready for a career change and decided to give notice at the Chevron gas station I had been managing for 7 years and go back to school.  I chose to attend Brian Utting School of Massage.

Growing up as a basketball and volleyball player in high school and college I had considered P.E., athletic training, or physical therapy as possible majors.  I loved giving and receiving back rubs.  I was always told I had good hands and gave a great rub.  I had taken 10 years of piano lessons growing up, which allowed me to develop good strength in my hands.  So choosing to study massage seamed a perfect fit.

I was so excited to be back in school.  I immediately felt I had found my calling.  I loved giving massage.  I knew through personal experience, the profound healing benefits of massage as well.  During school I easily logged my hours of giving and receiving outside of class.  Near the end of the school year I experienced my first sight of Lomilomi massage when Shawn LaSala Kimmel came to speak and demonstrate at Brian Utting School of Massage.  The prayerful dance, rhythm, and graceful flow of the Hawaiian work along with the metaphysical meaning and story behind the work moved me to tears.

I began my studies with Shawn in Hawaii in 1991.  I took every class she offered for the next 4 years and logged 510 hours of continuing education in lomilomi.  My bodywork style and personal growth has been greatly influenced by Shawn.

In 1992 I met Jim Hartley, my husband to be at one of the trainings.  In 1993, we both met Hartley,Kim_logoNEWAupuni ‘ Iwi Ula a native Hawaiian.  Through a series of events we had brought a Hawaiian made fan home for him because of a request he made of a mutual friend.  We encouraged him to share his Hawaiian teachings of spirituality, energy, and lomilomi.  In 1995 he began The Kalama Foundation.  We were some of his first students.  During the next 4 years I completed 210 hours of continuing education with him.  Aupuni has influenced my understanding of energy, group process, and circle sharing greatly.

In July of 1995 Jim and I were married and I moved my practice from Bellevue, Wa. to Olympia, Wa.  During our honeymoon in Hawaii, Jim and I met Auntie Margaret Machado.  I was very touched by her presence, love, and intuitive vision.  She immediately knew from my countenance exactly where I was holding tension in my body.  I was struck by her deep sense of the power of prayer, ho’oponopono (forgiveness), and loving the body.  You could feel her Aloha so easily and deeply.

I knew I would like to study with her one day.  When I returned home I raised my rates and began setting the extra fee aside in my dream account.  In February 2000, when Auntie was 83 years old, I flew to Hawaii to attend a one month, 150 hour program with her.  Mark LaMore, a 20 year student of Auntie’s, was our main teacher, and as Auntie’s health allowed she was there with us every day.  She would look across the room and remind us to have soft hands, and love the body.  She taught us how to go down to the ocean’s edge each day at sunset.

We were to review the day in our mind and as the sun set ask for forgiveness for any harm we had done ourselves or another that day.  And also be willing to forgive any harm that had been done to us.  Auntie Margaret taught me about being clear and current in my life, being willing to surrender to healing, love, and forgiveness.  She deeply touched my heart and affected my personal journey.  Hawaiian salt water colon cleansing was also a part of Auntie’s teaching.  Many of the strokes and concepts Auntie taught us we have incorporated into Heartspire Lomilomi including soft hands and love the body and the lomilomi stroke.

In February of 2000 my husband Jim graduated from Alexander Massage School.  He then came to Hawaii to be at my graduation from Auntie’s school, and we celebrated together.

In 2001, we first met Nancy Kahalewai when she was on book tour on Whidbey Island.  She brought Daniel Albers with her to demonstrate lomilomi.  They were going to be in Washington for a month.  We convinced Daniel to come to Olympia and teach his basic lomilomi.  We quickly put together a group of people for him to teach and hosted him at our school.  We had him back again to teach Deep Tissue in 2002.  We learned a lot of new strokes along with the Hawaiian names of the strokes.  His style had an easy natural flow and a bit faster pace than ours.  We incorporate many of his strokes in our Heartspire lomilomi classes.

In 2004 we hosted Dr. Maka’ala Yates, a native Hawaiian, for a Clinical Lomilomi class.  Then in 2006 he returned again to lead us all on our first Hawaiian Salt Water Colon Cleanse.  He was one of Auntie Margaret’s early students, and an original voyager on the trip back to Hawaii from Tahiti in the Hokulea, Hawaii’s famous double-hulled canoe. We learned about sinking down to the bone with soft but deep touch.  We also experienced great healing with our personal health through the colon cleanse.  Dr. Maka’ala Yates is someone who truly walks his talk.

In 2004, we met Dougie McKeague a native Hawaiian man who practiced lomilomi in Redmond, Wa.  He spent some time with us in our home and taught us a little about opu huli, piko huli, and breathwork.  His love of Spirit expressed through the healing touch of lomilomi can be felt by all he comes in contact with.  He is a wonderful musician as well.  We enjoyed our experiences of Aloha with Dougie and share his belly work in Heartspire lomilomi classes.

In the summer of 2005 we hosted Nancy Kahalewai in our home for an informal gathering of lomilomi teachers from Wa. and Oregon.  We had a wonderful time sharing lomilomi, talk story, good food, and Aloha.  I received a little bodywork at that gathering from Wayne Powell.  The work really opened up my right hip which has had limited range for many years.  So I gave myself a birthday present of attending his 9 day fall training on Salt Spring Island.  I especially loved the joint rotation sequences for the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  I immediately began incorporating them into our deep tissue classes.  Then Jim and I both attended his 2006 and 2007 Summer Lomilomi Reunions in the Skagit Valley.  We enjoyed meeting some fabulous bodyworkers, and learned some advanced work as well as sharing a little of our own.

Then in August 2006 we had the opportunity to study with Nancy Kahalewai and Mahealani Henry on a Lomilomi cruise.  We had an amazing time with a wonderful group of Japanese students.  We deepened our knowledge of lomilomi and teaching by spending time with Nancy.  Mahealani shared her teaching of Pono ke Ala (The path of excellence).  We also had the opportunity to learn hula from her sister Neaulani Henry.

Our most recent teacher Harry Uhane Jim (author of Wise Secrets of Aloha) came into our lives in the summer and fall of 2010.  We attended a 5 day intensive with Harry and his wife Sila in Iowa at Windemere School of the Healing Arts in June of 2010, then we hosted Harry in Olympia at our school for a 3 day workshop in October 2010.   Harry’s warmth and humor as a teacher and his reminder that “I am enough!” and all I need to do is reach out and ask for “Help!” and it will be there, are some of his teaching catch phrases.  He shares about Lomi Ha (breathwork), Lau Lima (laying on of hands), Creating Space (a gentle stretching technique) and Bone Washing (releasing the cherished wounds stored in the bones).  I highly recommend his book and teachings.  We incorporated some of his teachings into our 2011 classes.

In 2011 we co-taught a spring and fall Ho’oponopono Retreat with Harry and Shilah.  In 2012 we plan to attend a 10 day Gathering Gathering of the Light Bearers workshop with Harry and Sila in Hawaii.  We will have a special opportunity to experience Pu’uhonua o’ Honaunau “The City of Refuge”  while we are there.”  We hope to offer a Fall Retreat again this year with Harry and Sila.

Some of the gifts lomilomi has brought me along the way are an opportunity to deepen, align, and love myself through prayer and Aloha.  I’ve learned to care for the altar of my body through lomilomi and have incorporated exercise and have released 50 lbs. bringing my body into a better state of balance.  I’ve listened to the call of holy spirit and allowed myself to be a (good straw), for healing energy to move through me, both in working with intention and prayer in my massage and teaching.  I’ve opened to be in relationship with my ancestors, and through prayer and forgiveness am carrying forward my lineage in a good way.  I’ve experienced deep healing in the faith I was brought up in and have circled around and returned into my roots of faith.

Over the years, beginning in 1994, teaching has been a natural progression of my personal journey and love of lomilomi.  By holding space for others I’ve allowed myself to hold bigger space for myself and my wholeness.  I love watching the ripple of lomilomi and Aloha spread out in the world.  By teaching others this beautiful work I have the opportunity to touch so many more people through my student’ s hands and hearts.  I have had the opportunity to teach in Alberta, Washingtion, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, and assist in the waters off Hawaii on a cruise.  I’ve also enjoyed being asked into teach in these schools:  Corteva Brian Utting, Body Mechanics in Olympia, Everest in Tacoma, American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls Idaho, and Windemere in Decorah Iowa.

I have hope that the Aloha Spirit of love will always flow through Lomilomi and richly bless our human relationships, the earth and all we come into contact with helping us to live up to the Hawaii State Motto.

Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina I ka pono.  The very life, breathe, and spirit of the land endures forever in right relationship with people and all living things.

Deep Touch Hawaiian Style

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Heartspire Lomi Loku approach to a day of Deep Tissue Massage
In this class you will learn the art of listening down to the bones with lomi loku, a soft and deep approach that allows the body to guide you in through a series of deep tissue strokes that address the spine, sacrum, and hips in the prone position, along with bone washing techniques used with the limbs in supine position.

This class opens the door and offers an opportunity to learn at an introductory level some concepts of deep tissue work from the traditional Hawaiian healing arts perspective of lomilomi. You will be able to immediately apply these strokes into your massage sessions and have your clients enjoy the benefits of deep release while feeling listened to within their body without resistance or bracing.

All Heartspire Lomilomi classes offer an opportunity to learn the metaphysical story and foundational concepts of working with prayer, intention, aloha, and pono, along with a healing chant.

Introduction to Heartspire Lomilomi

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Instructor: Kim Hartley

Infused in the learning of each Heartspire lomilomi class arePost_Falls_Idaho_Thumbs up Michael! foundational Hawaiian Healing Principles and the metaphysical story that are a part of what makes Hawaiian bodywork a unique approach to massage. You will learn lomilomi massage techniques on both sides of the body that will leave your client feeling deeply expanded into the length and breathe of their body and connected into their wholeness.

You will learn to work with the soft underbelly of your forearms along with your ulnar blade to create a deeply flowing session through use of bodyweight and leverage to effectively iron out and increase circulation throughout the body. If you have always wondered about Lomilomi this is the class for you!

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover and pillow; wear loose clothing

Instructor: Kim Hartley, LMP; NCBTMB #450029-06

CE Hours: 8

Heartspire Hawaiian Stretching

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Shoulder Rotations

The first time I taught this workshop everyone was surprised by how a full Shoulder_Rotations_2body stretching experience felt like a full body massage. The stretching techniques you learn will include stretching the fascia of the back, hips, and chest. Then there are amazing joint rotations that use maximum range of motion techniques to stretch every muscle that attaches into the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers, along with the hips, knees, and ankles.

These techniques are highly effective with clients of all levels of flexibility and help improve range of motion and alignment in the body while listening to the client’s signals for end range. When I first learned this work, I immediately integrated it into my work because it was so effective for my own body. Infused in the learning of each Heartspire lomilomi class are foundational Hawaiian Healing Principles and the metaphysical story that are a part of what makes Hawaiian bodywork a unique approach to massage.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover and pillow; wear loose clothing

Instructor: Kim Hartley, LMP; NCBTMB #450029-06

CE Hours: 8

SKU: 0115705-8


Lomilomi Heaven and Earth – Head, Hands, and Feet

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Learn the Heartspire Hawaiian Lomilomi approach passed down through several lineages to physically and energetically open and access connection to the heavens (hands and head), and earth (feet).

You will learn the Hawaiian approach to the face, scalp, and bone sutures of the head (Po). With the Hands – you will learn lomilomi thumbs, bone washing and circular stretching with the digits. With the feet you will learn Aunty Margaret’s famous foot routine along with a few other special additions from our other lomilomi teachers.

These unique lomilomi techniques of opening the extremities allow for powerful freedom and release. The intention is to open and connect metaphysically to heaven and earth, to give and receive more freely and move forward in action, being Spirit’s hands and feet in the world.

Each Heartspire Lomilomi class includes learning about traditional Hawaiian values that are the foundation of the healing art of lomilomi, a blessing chant, the metaphysical story of the work, along with the bodywork techniques. You will have the opportunity to be deeply touched by the healing love that comes through the Aloha Spirit of Lomilomi.

Yoke and Royal Crown

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

In this Heartspire class we will explore the lomilomi approach to the sacred mantle or yoke of responsibility where the upper shoulders, clavicle, upper chest and neck meet the crown which is the head and face.

The bodywork includes the flow of the ocean wave, R.O.M. of the neck and shoulders, deep and circular compression sequences along the sutures of the skull and face, along with gentle kneading lomilomi strokes and rhythmic pin and stretch sequences along the T.V.P.’s of the neck. Releasing the shouldered burdens we carry allows freedom and alignment to occur in the Yoke and Royal.

Instructor: Kim Hartley, LMP; NCBTMB #450029-06

CE Hours: 8