Circulatory Lomi

Lomi O Ka Pu’Uwai

Instructor: Kim Hartley

In this three day workshop participants learn full body lomilomi massage primarily as taught to Kim by Aunty Margaret Machado, one of the first native Hawaiian lomilomi masters to openly share lomilomi outside her family with people from all over the world who had a sincere desire to learn.  Aunty Margaret is known throughout the islands as a national treasure.  Kim had the extraordinary privilege of studying with Auntie for one month.

This style of lomilomi requires practitioners to touch with loving hands, forgive ourselves and others, and allow divine healing to flow through both giver and receiver.

This work is known for its deeply healing and circulatory affects on the body, deep compression and range of motion on the joints, and highly beneficial stretching affects on the neck and shoulders.  This style of lomilomi uses very modest draping techniques. 

24 CE hours