Deep Touch Hawaiian Style

Heartspire Lomi Loku approach to a day of Deep Tissue Massage
In this class you will learn the art of listening down to the bones with lomi loku, a soft and deep approach that allows the body to guide you in through a series of deep tissue strokes that address the spine, sacrum, and hips in the prone position, along with bone washing techniques used with the limbs in supine position.

This class opens the door and offers an opportunity to learn at an introductory level some concepts of deep tissue work from the traditional Hawaiian healing arts perspective of lomilomi. You will be able to immediately apply these strokes into your massage sessions and have your clients enjoy the benefits of deep release while feeling listened to within their body without resistance or bracing.

All Heartspire Lomilomi classes offer an opportunity to learn the metaphysical story and foundational concepts of working with prayer, intention, aloha, and pono, along with a healing chant.