Heartspire Lomilomi: Supine

In Hawaiian bodywork the front of the body represents the past of who we are. This class teaches a full day of Hawaiian Lomilomi protocol with the body laying supine including the front of the legs, arms, belly, neck, and face. The strokes use soft/deep techniques with bodyweight and leverage, which include the use of the soft underbelly and the ulna blade of the forearm, elbows, hands, soft knuckles, and fingers. There are also gentle stretching techniques included to increase range of motion and restore joint mobility.

The fullness of this approach leaves the body open to move forward with freedom in the posture, and rejuvenation in the spirit. In this class you will receive a short introduction to Hawaiian Healing Principles including prayer and intention, the Metaphysical Story of the work, and learn a Hawaiian Chant about Pono. CE hours: 8

Taking both prone and supine lomilomi will give you a basic full-body lomilomi routine and a beginning understanding of the work. Heartspire lomilomi draws from 12 different teachers to create an amazing style of lomilomi massage which is flowing like the ocean using rhythmic strokes as you dance around the body and lean into the work to create depth and connection.