Heartspire LomiLomi Lower Body Deep Tissue


In Heartspire Hawaiian lomilomi of the lower body, we look at our metaphysical moss_treerelationship with the sacred well of who we are (sacrum), our lineage through our ancestors (hips), and how we care for and walk on the Earth (legs and feet). The physical work involves deep strokes to release and stretch the fascia of the spine and sacrum. Next are the joint rotations, which deeply stretch the muscles as they attach into the trochanter, knee, and ankle both prone and supine. The spiral prayer to the ancestors is next, which involves a deep tissue technique with the forearms and elbows to cross-fiber the gluteus and lateral rotator attachments. Also included are deep lomilomi strokes on the legs both prone and supine, and last but not least the iliacus and psoas muscles.When you complete this routine with your clients, they will experience a new relationship with the earth beneath their feet, feeling deeply grounded and connected. For me, the joint rotations are one of the most exciting and profound tools I’ve learned in my bodywork career. I hope you’ll feel the same. Infused in this Heartspire class are foundational Hawaiian Healing Principles and the metaphysical story that are a part of what makes Hawaiian bodywork a unique approach to massage. When you complete this three day class you will feel like it was time well spent!What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover and pillow; wear loose clothing

Instructor: Kim Hartley, LMP; NCBTMB #450029-06

CE Hours: 16