Olympia Lomilomi Massage Classes

Heartspire  Classes for 2019: Olympia

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D.) LomiLomi Shoulder & Scapula Dance: A Union of the Sacred Marriage

(Olympia December 9, 2018)

ZZK.) Heartspire Lomilomi Full Body with Story Retreat

(Olympia February 15-17, 2019)

ZZZV.) Heartspire “Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style for the Back” & “LomiLomi Head, Neck & Upper Torso “:Both Classes (Olympia March 16-17, 2019)

ZZZV1.) Heartspire Lomi Loku — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style for the Back

(Olympia March 16, 2019)

ZZZV2.) LomiLomi Yoke and Royal Crown: Head, Neck & Upper Torso

(Olympia March 17, 2019)

ZZZZW.) Heartspire Lomilomi Heaven and Earth – Head, Hands, and Feet

(Olympia May 18, 2019)

ZZZZZZM.) Heartspire Indian Summer Camp Retreat

(Olympia September 20-22, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL.) Heartspire 7 Hawaiian Strokes & Hawaiian Stretching: Both Classes (Olympia October 19-20, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL1.) 7 Hawaiian Strokes to Energize Your Full-Body Routine

(Olympia October 19, 2019)

ZZZZZZZL2.) Hawaiian Stretching

(Olympia October 20, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Prone & Supine 

(Olympia November 16-17, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX1.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Prone (Olympia November 16, 2019)

ZZZZZZZX2.) Heartspire Loku Lomi — Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Supine

(Olympia November 17, 2019)

Ka Imi Pono


Dates to be determined

NCBTMB #450029-06




5 Intensive retreats teach the bodywork skills and principals to become a
Lomilomi Practitioner.  A sense of ‘Ohana (family) is created through Potluck meals, networking, reading, writing and homeplay assignments  to further enhance our learning.

Full 5 class commitment is preferred.  80 CE’s total

Back – Ha Breathe, 2016 Visions 5

Hips & Legs – Aloha, Sacred Well

Chest & Belly – Pono, Child within

Arms & Shoulders – Mana, Ike

Neck & Face – Countenance

Olympia Ka Imi Pono Classes: Registration 

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