Testimonials from students and clients


Aloha –  Rain of Blessings – All The Hartleys

“Unfortunately, I do not live close to Olympia, which limits the opportunities I have to get massages from Kim, who is without question the most intuitive and skilled massage therapist I’ve met.  Her obvious natural talent is augmented by years of study and experience, and I feel her love for her work with each treatment I receive.  I travel 3 hours round trip to get massages from Kim and make it a day in Olympia.  Thanks to a soak in the hot tub in advance of my massage, along with lots of stretching and relaxing scents, I feel that I get a spa experience and not just a massage.” Shellee


“For over a year I really had been unable to run because of something I did running a marathon in January 2011 on Maui.  I could not sleep on my right side which is the side I always slept on, and it was painful even when I walked for a long time.  The pain was in my right hip/buttock area.  I could ride a bike, stationary or on the road but it was running that really aggravated it.  You were sure with a month of message that you could fix the problem.From the first visit, you clearly identified the problem area and sure enough, I am back to running, will be running a half marathon in May, and running several times a week.  I also can once again sleep on my right side.  You have allowed me to have a life again.  Many thanks. ” Elie

Aloha Jim and Kim

I am still floating on a cloud! My body has never felt so good… and in saying that… I mean with absolutely no pain whatsoever. When I think of all of the beautiful souls, their hearts and the food that we shared I find myself breathe another breath of excitement and wonderment at what Heartspire has given to all of us!

I can’t thank you enough other than by sharing the gifts you have given to me. I massaged my paraplegic client yesterday (she has feeling to her breastbone and closed my eyes and let her body feel the energy of lomilomi. She told me that her body was so warm and that she felt amazing… your gift of prayer and intention has guided her back to the path of visualization to heal her body.

Kim expressed to me how Hawaii was so close to her heart… and that it had been her special place before the accident and has reminded her to keep her heart open to receive love and healing.

I am so excited about returning to Heartspire in November that my heart feels full of happiness and my stomach has butterflies.

Mahalo Jim and Kim

Love and best wishes always, Tania, Lomilomi Student

What Participants of Ka ‘Imi Pono Say:

The biggest thing I got of Ka ‘Imi Pono is the renewed ability to dream and believe that my dreams will come true!

The focus on setting intentions for the year, writing them down, speaking them out loud, and sharing them in an intimate setting was very profound.  By setting time aside every day, week and month to refocus on these hopes for my life, helped keep them alive, and sharing them with others, who would also hold them in their hearts, allowed for a greater energy. to be put out in the universe.

Almost all of the intentions that  I put forth at the beginning of the ka ‘Imi Pono year come to fruition in the year to follow.  this is the first time in my life I have been so clear in my desires and dreams and so blessed to be able to bring them to life.

My whole year was better because of this class, and I look at my life differently now.  I feel like I am more capable of fully living in right relationship with the earth, because I am able to live more fully in right relationship with myself.      Meryon

Ka ‘Imi Pono: a class I would highly recommend to all!

A wondrous opportunity for beginners and advanced travelers on the road to healing the mind and body and connecting to Spirit.     Jann

Ka ‘Imi Pono
ohana pono
In a Right Relationship to The Land 
In the presence and company of Family
In a Spirit of giving to compensate for my receiving
I have learned to help assist healing of others
                                                to heal myself     Tom

Within the Ka ‘Imi Pono ohana I am nurtured and cared for .  Finding a circle of like minded heart centered givers.  I take from each gathering renewed hope, focus, and courate to carry on as I embark upon life changing circumstances.     Jacque

The experiences I’ve gained by taking Ka ‘Imi Pono are really lessons of love and personal growth.  I’ve made wonderful friends, both outside of myself and inside of myself.  I’ve gained tools to use on a daily basis that let my light shine, even when the flame seems to be darkened.  My touch and love of massage and lomilomi has been strengthened and nurtured.  Lomilomi is a life journey and ka ‘Imi POno is just one of many steps on my path.  A stop that will be revisited again and again.     Jenifer

For me, looking back over my time in Ka ‘Imi Pono, I think a healing process was going on beneath the level of my awareness that I am only now, three months after finishing, beginning to realize.

One of the richest rewards of participating is the growth of ‘ohana, the forging of familial types of interpersonal bonds.

The bodywork shared and evolved to a deeply satisfying embrace of our whole humanity, a variety of practices to enhance my skills as a bodyworker.

Seeds were planted that will continue to feed and nourish my soul, I expect for years to come.     Carolin

Ka ‘Imi Pono has put me in touch with the wand of the universe.  While I still question myself and my actions these questions are not about self doubt and fear.  Instead I am lead to question my choices to look for the strength and energy available to me as a human being and a vessel for spirit.  When big trouble come my way I used to say “I don’t know if I can handle this!”  Now I say “What can I learn from this!”

Ka ‘Imi Pono has made real the presence of the grace that permeates the universe.  I look for, expect and experience “the rain of blessings” in my life every day.     Michael

Through my Ka ‘Imi Pono experience I have strengthened my connection with my ancestors and descendents through all all of time, and with all of Nature.  I have become more of the best of who I am.      Barbara

Ka ‘Imi Pono – “the search for right relationship” – For me – Creativity, Community, Fellowship and Wisdom have entered into our home, marriage, land and the cells of ,my being.  I have felt supported in the depth of my visions and allowed the group energy to spiral through me to come forward in all my light and love.  I am safe and encouraged to fully be myself and reveal both my vulnerability and strengths.  I am open to healing and release through a deeper understanding of Ho’oponopono.  I am a witness to the power of pono and Aloha in my ‘ohana.     Kim