Winter Massage Retreat

OLYMPIA Heartspire School

Heartspire Lomilomi Full Body with Story Retreat

Details and registration

February 24, 25  & 26, 2017

9:30am to 6:30pm

NCBTMB #450029-06

Lomilomi offers an opportunity to change up the flow and creativity of your work. During our studies over the last 25 years, 7 of our 12 teachers have been men, so this work is very conducive to both women and men.  Lomilomi draws on the Hawaiian Marshall Art form of Lua and the dance form of hula.  The Hawaiian strokes use soft/deep techniques through bodyweight/leverage, which include the use of the soft underbelly and the ulna blade of the forearm, elbows, hands, soft knuckles, and fingers. Balancing the masculine/feminine/ child is part of the Metaphysical story of the work, along with prayer, intention, and learning a Hawaiian Blessing Chant about Aloha.  Being at Heartspire fosters rest and rejuvenation through good bodywork, connections with other bodyworkers, time to soak in the hot tub, walk on the meditation trail, and share fabulous potluck meals. Overnight free for 8. Class limit is 12 students.

Kim Hartley, LMP, Instructor since 1994, Assisted by Jim Hartley, LMP

Call (360)956-1169 or email Jim at website more details at