Workshops and Retreats

At Heartspire we all enjoy the warmth and ease so characteristic of aloha and Hawaiian tradition.  Participants learn to work with prayer and intention setting in their lomilomi practice, thus strengthening the healing power of the massage and the sense of purpose.

We offer a variety of services and opportunities:

  • Individual massages with Kim or Jim
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Ka ‘Imi Pono
  • Lomilomi tutoring

Costs will depend upon length and the specifics of the event. See the topic and specific workshops on the side menu.  Workshops are offered at various times and places: Olympia, Seattle and Post Falls.

All courses are interactive and involve direct participation through both hands-on work and facilitated class sharing in addition to presentations and demonstrations by the teachers.  Students are introduced to Hawaiian healing philosophy such as the concepts of aloha, ho’oponopono – right living and clearing wrong doing, connecting with ancestors, and the power of words, thoughts and images in manifesting our dreams and hearts’ desires.

Although the majority of our students are licensed massage therapists, most workshops are open to anyone eager to explore lomilomi and his or her own inner world with an open mind and an adventurous heart. Our workshops may be taken in any order.

Individual Massages

    • 60 minute massage: $75
    • 75 minute massage: $ 95
    • 90 minute massage: $110
    • 120 minute massage: $135

Workshops and Retreats: Check our calendar for dates

All instruction NCBTMB approved: Register for these workshops here:

To Register for Heartspire Olympia, Post Falls, or Seattle workshops with Robbin Blake at the Therapeutic Training Center

(206) 853-6875:

    • 8 hour classes $160
    • 16 hour classes $295
    • 20 hour classes $400
    • 24 hour classes $450

Specific Services: Ka’Imi Pono

  • The cost is $1400 paid in full 
  • The cost is $1450 if paid in two equal payments 
  • The cost is $320 per class paid two weeks. in advance of each class.  

Lomilomi massage: Before beginning a massage clients are invited to soak in the hot tub and then to tell us what is in their hearts, on their minds, and how their bodies are feeling.  Clients usually share with us an “intention” for the massage which is often either a quality they want to manifest or develop in their life, such as creativity or courage, or it may be a specific desired healing or shift in their body or psyche. 

The full appointment often takes an additional 30 minutes for checking and soaking in the hot tub if you wish.   Payment by cash or check is requested at time of service, please. We also take Regence Insurance as well.

Double delight lomilomi:  Clients may schedule one 90 minute massage with Kim and one with Jim to experience lomilomi delivered with feminine and masculine energy.  These massages may be received by one person either consecutively or at different times, or they may be received by two people simultaneously.  The price is $200.